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CW C11 MSL Black Manta Mk1 - Automatic - Hands on Review

Hi All, I hear we have a few CW enthusiasts here and thought it was about time I shared our hands on review on the C11 MSL Black Manta Mk1

New from Manta Figurines

Manta Figurines is owned by Christophe Camilotte , this figure may seem familiar as Christophe has sculpted for Nemrod and this figure is compatible with the range he has already sculpted for them F3501 U.S. Infantry. Private, June 1944, Normandy. Th

Strange Edits and Weird Alternate Lines/Scenes in the Bond VHS tapes and DVDs

Does anybody know of any? To give you an example of what I mean, in some VHS releases of Thunderball, there is an alternate take on the line Bond says as he exits Largo's shark pool. Instead of saying "Sorry old chap, better luck next time", he

A couple NOS Alba Manta Rays for sale...

...over at WUS I like this one:

Vintage Non Star Wars figures for sale.

Heres a few vintage figures I have to part with. I'll add more to the list when I get to dig them out. Buck Rogers 12" dolls never removed from the box and in mint condition. $150 each or $200 for the pair E.T. MOC clear bubble, but

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