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Resonance bring across the message of surfing the internet safely. Resonance also wants its reader(s) to be more aware of what viruses, worms, and malware can do the user’s computer, and teach them how to prevent getting such stuff from getting on

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Malicious Malware

After going on my forums today I received a strange message from Google. The specific link I went to was: Its just a thread about Fantasy Football and has not caused a problem since it was created

Malware Issues Have Not Been Resolved

site: My members are getting this message when they click to sign into my group and I've just received this message myself...after running malwarebytes. Here is a screenshot sent to me by yet another member.

How to clean up your forum after a Google Chrome Malware alert

TutorialHow to clean up your forum after a Google Chrome Malware alert?   Sometimes while browsing your forum on Google Chrome, you may receive a malware alert from Google: It is just a precautionary message which allows you to find the proble

Malware !!!

Great set up here. It looks like it will work well if it is set up correctly. It also looks like it can be customized. Customizing takes time and I thought I would add to it's customizing little by little over time. A forum that works right now is wha

Ads containing malware

ads containing malware, or other potentially unwanted garbage, this is enough to make me want to discontinue, use of your site & services,

Our Forum has Malware!!!!!!!

Our forum is I have tried deleting the last few posts and even changed the layout/colors/main pic, and the problem is still there. This started a week ago with my internet browser flagging our site, i have google chrome i

Google Chrome is detecting Malware on my site

hi all! i'm having this problem on my site. I saw and read one topic here about this same problem. my site is viewable without problem on all browsers except for Chrome. i was actually using Chrome while developing the site but suddenly it detects

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