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A forum for the fans of Zack Morrison's webcomic Paranatural.

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Heat on Morrison & Melina!

As noted earlier here on the website, there is backstage heat on both John Morrison and Melina. It centers around the Six-Person Mixed Tag Team Match at Wrestlemania XXVII, which saw Morrison repeatedly brush partner Trish Stratus off. During their

TNA involved in a sexual harassment case, , Melina/John Morrison news

-- To follow up on the story of John Morrison snubbing Trish Stratus at WrestleMania XXVII, friends of the Raw Superstar were shocked by his cold behavior. The assumption of many within WWE is that Melina was in his ear all week because she believed

R-Truth & John Morrison's feud at RAW

I don’t know what “Deuces” means (I know it means “twos” and “poops,” but I think it’s supposed to mean something exclamatory as well), but R-Truth has been them lately. There’s a downside to the first wrestling match ending in zero seconds because of a

John Morrison's title shot (Raw spoiler, but as it happened days ago... tough!0

At the TLC PPV, John Morrison turned in a career performance. He carried Sheamus to a career-best match, it stole the show, and he began to look like a star, as opposed to the posing pretty-boy I always thought he was. His reward? The Number 1

Ravel Morrison to be released by West Ham?

Evening all, Has anyone seen this doing the rounds on twitter? Looking like a waste of talent if it's true.

Tommy "The Duke" Morrison

Tommy Morrison retrospective I was reading rumours that Tommy Morrison is at deaths door with literally days to live (I hasten to add these are rumours and not fact) and I thought I would look into his background a little more, as I only knew a little

Tommy Morrison

Sad news today as former Heavyweight Boxing Champion Tommy Morrison has died at the age of 44. The news has been confirmed by his wife Trisha following “The Duke’s” declining health over the past year due to a courageous battle with Miller Fisher

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