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Why did you support Spurs.

I know we have had similar threads in the past but why did you pick Spurs to support? We have never been a prolific side when it comes to winning trophies.Although we have had a lot of success we are not as prolific as Man U, Liverpool or even Arsenal. So

Information on Modular Helmets

Anyone have experience with Dual Modular Helmets? Im thinking of purchasing one. Other than DOT requirements what else should I look for???

GAME OF THE NIGHT: Calgary Flames at Edmonton Oilers, Friday April 10, 2009, 900 pm ET

Calgary at Edmonton9:00 PM ET, April 10, 2009Rexall Place, Edmonton, Alberta, CanadaFlames-Oilers LLCThe Calgary Flames missed a chance to secure their first Northwest Division title in four seasons. To clinch,

Is this rock bottom for Edmonton? Has the team given up?

Wow... after last night's embarrasing 6-0 loss to the Avs, at home... people are wondering if the entire team has given up. Have the leaders stopped leading? Have the followers stopped following? Where's the desire? Where's the compete? This club looks to

Greetings from Edmonton, AB

Hello everyone,Great forum. Have followed this form and 460ford for quite some time.I have a 1968 Galaxie with a 502 cu inch BBF.Block: DOVE-A 4.390" bore 12.5 CR Venolia pistonsCrank: 4.15" stroke offset ground cast ironHeads: A429

Bi Xenon HID Projector Retrofit

I've seen it done on many different models, didn't look too hard.Anyone done this? Recommend a link to the proper size make for a kit?I think I'm going to try this one weekend really soon given I find one that fits our cars.

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