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Music Style

Muzica si RPG!Nu suna bine?Hai sa ne distram!

#music, #style, #muzica, #rpg!nu, #suna, #bine?hai, #distram!

Fairy Tail RP

Fairy Tail RPG, a new Non-Canon Role-Playing site based around the world of Fairy Tail (created by Hiro Mashima). Have fun RPing! We have an achievement system, lineage system, active staff, etc.

#fairy, #tail, #forum, #anime, #ftrp, #fairytail, #fairytailrp, #fairytailrpg, #makarov

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Kaguya, Ryuugo [Suna Chuunin]

Name: Ryuugo Kaguya Secondary Title: Age: 14 Gender: Male Physical Appearance: Ryuugo stands at an average five feet, eight inches and weighs about sixty kilograms making him rather tall, he is incredibly muscular due to his intense trainin

Tengan, Roku [Suna Genin; WiP]

(NOTE:IM STILL NOT DONE WITH THE HISTORY AND RP SAMPLE) Basic Information: Name:Roku Tengan Secondary Title:Itachi(weasel) Age:15 and 1/2 Gender:Male Physical Appearance: pale skin,a wiry and lithe build,a large 6 shaped scar on his back with

Shitsumei, Ibuki [Suna Jounin]

"A fool shows his annoyance at once, but a prudent man overlooks an insult”

Kristoff Makarov-Orange

Kristoff Makarov "Sometimes you need to use everybody else for your own gain, this is what it means to be Symbiote." ===IDENTITY=== Full Name: Kristoff Makarov-Orange Codename: Zero Nickname(s): Kris, K-man, Alias(es):N/A Age: 16 Birth

Suna- Suna no mi (Sand-Sand Fruit)

Name: Suna-Suna no mi (Sand-Sand Fruit) Type: Logia Effect: The sand sand fruit gives the user the ability to turn into, control, and create, sand. The sand created by the user can turn steel hard without the assistance of gears. This devil fruit also

Suna War-Games

Suna War-Games What are wargames? War-Games are when one or more friendly nations conducting mass practice fights/skirmishes/conflicts/battles between different elements of their own forces to better prepare them selves for the real thing. War-Games

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