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Baxxton Ridge Pack

Baxxton Ridge is an area of jagged cliffs and majestic mountains covered in dense pine forests and sprinkled with icy meltwater streams. The valleys hold fields of soft grass and the whole area is home to plenty of rodents, rabbits, and elk. The cl

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The Children and the Wolves (Posters needed- PLEASE LOOK! Cool story Idea!!!!)

This story begins with an image, carved deep into a stone cave wall. That painting is the last hope anyone has of finding what they are looking for. What are they looking for, you ask? Once upon a time, wolves were docile creatures. They intermingled

The majestic walrus

so, for those of you who don't know me, hi. i'm fishy. and i like to do html. so, despite the complete lack of html and my better judgement, i have decided to make an html shop. no, not a photo editing shop. even though my skills are lovely, as displayed

Majestic Rage and Malevolent Frustration: The Break-Through Spells

Name: Majestic Blade of Rage Rank: A Magic Cost: 40 Requirements: Lunaric Annihilating Magic Class: Offensive/Supplementary Element: non-elemental Effect: The caster concentrates and forms a magic circle that condenses the black substance, used in

Majestic Scott-Parks is a weredog?

LIFE STARTING.... I am Majestic I am actually a what? Weredog yeah I can turn into a Dalmation and it's awsome trust me...... I'm 19 years old right now I'm going to Collage and out ready to find new friends but someone's getting in the way the think

Fireteam Majestic. (A Resident Evil RP idea from NoelBles.)

This is an idea based on Resident Evil, while not completely based on it. It will contain elements from Resident evil. (Once again, I apologize in advance, if sentences are not formed properly.) In this Rp, I wanted to make a new 'perspective' on the

Majestic is Scared Of Lonley (As soon as seen please rp)

Majestic The Lost Hello my names Majestic I am a zen dalmation puppy it's part of my gernartion so anyway I'm lost in the woods so you wanna know what happened eh? I was born in Nebraska ya know by those carnvials and stuff my mother lived with a famil

Strong, Wise, Majestic Could He Be The One For You?

Shadow~ I walked through the forest to a wide medow in this area I come to a hault it was twilight it the sky was so beautiful I climbed a rock to where I felt like I could reach the stars and reach the moon I sat there looking at them wondering what i

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