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Flights Maastricht - Tenerife South during winterseason?

Hello, I have read that Maastricht will become a new FR-base and that they will expand the number of destinations during next winter season. Will this decision have any consequences concerning (the seasonal) flights to Tenerife during winter 2012-2013?

Ryanair leaves Maastricht this winter

Ryanair announced today that the flights from Maastricht to Alicante and Barcelona will stop at January 8th. Maybe Ryanair will return in april, but that isn't confirmed.

Maastricht-Aachen Aiport (MST)

Hey allemaal! Hier even een Nederlands berichtje, Maastricht heeft haar 100.000 Ryanair passagier vervoerd: Wie van jullie is weleens met Ryanair vanaf MST gevlogen? (naar ALC/GRO/VLC) Ik niet

Maastricht MST - Tenerife Sur TFS

Once again a lovely Ryanair experience! I went to Tenerife with 3 Dutch studymates and we chilled out at the beaches and had some great parties every night. The flight departed from Maastricht-Aachen Airport in Southern Netherlands. Since it was the

Maastricht-Valencia best selling Dutch route at the moment

According to Ryanair Maastricht-Valencia is currently the best selling Dutch route. Although the route starts on the 30th of october there are already 4600 tickets sold. On November 14th Ryanair also starts flying Maastricht-Alicante To celibrate

Ryanair and Maastricht Aachen Airport Fight against Tax (NL)

Sorry, dutch artikle: RYANAIR EN MAASTRICHT AACHEN AIRPORT VECHTEN SAMEN “ECOTAX” AAN Ryanair, Europa’s grootste low fares airline heeft vandaag aangekondigd dat de maatschappij samen Maastricht Aachen Airport juridische stappen gaat ondernemen

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Maastricht-Aachen Airport (MAA) is located approximately 8 km north from Maastricht. From December 2012, Maastricht will be Ryanair's 51st base, with 8 destinations in the Winter (Milan-Bergamo, Barcelona-Girona, Alicante, Tenerife-South, Pisa,

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