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Learn about and discuss the latest medical information & natural cures for many diseases that are thought to be incurable

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MODERN HAND READING FORUM - Your Palm Reading & Palmistry Forum!

Palmistry Forum - This community provides a 'bridge' between modern palm reading & classic palmistry Including: psychodiagnostic chirology, life purpose hand analysis, vedic palmistry, spiritual palm reading & scientific hand analysis... be welcome

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Head and lifeline are not connected

Hello, I am a member for a little while but never posted. So, I hope my English writing is oké. I searched this forum but didn't find anything about the headline and lifeline. Maybe I overlooked but I could not find anything. My lines are not

Life & Life Line

Life & Life Line This is for information. A short life line can mean a break in vitality. This may mean illness or a change in a system of living that causes loss to vitality, such as being uprooted by job loss or relocation. Any therapist

No Life line on right hand

Hi all, I was interested in your input into a reading I did a year or so ago, but as I do it on the street, could not take prints. A young girl, had a normal life line on her left hand and no life line/ thenar crease, on her right hand, but had head an

Square on Lifeline

Does a square on the life line, covering islands and/or other negative signs, imply protection or confinement?

Palmistry and Aset Ka

I was wondering if the Aset Ka might possibly have an interest in Palmistry, or if Palmistry is important at all to Asetians. It's another area of study I find intriguing, this time because I have lines on my palms that are strange. It aggravates me that

Headline Starting Under Lifeline on Lower Mars

Hi, do you associate over sensitivity to headline starting under life line on lower Mars? If so - can you please explain the reasons.

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