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Lyoko: Recoded

More to come. Roleplaying forum.

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Code Lyoko

Years have gone by and the Original warriors have retired, but a new team must be formed for X. A. N. A still exists.

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Code Lyoko - The New Class (RP)

Code Lyoko: The New Class (RP) – Created by rizeup88 {-Rules-} 1. Absolutely no sexual references/innuendo of any kind 2. No swearing (After all this show is rated G) 3. No Godmoding 4. Creator (me) will oversee and facilitate entire RP, as wel

Heart of Lyoko's Character: Sasha Pierce

Name: Sasha Pierce Age: 13 Gender: Female Height:1.57m Current Status: Sasha HP = 17 Sasha Energy = 2 Sasha Exp = 3/25 Sasha CP = 8 Sasha Rep = -1 Background: Sasha is somewhat of a delinquent and likes to sneak out of the house at night

Horror in Code Lyoko

When I was little, I liked certain kinds of supernatural horror. (as evident by my enjoyment of Courage the Cowardly Dog) However, there was one episode of Code Lyoko----Plagued---that was too scary for me. The image of a Spectre pinning a helpless,

Lyoko Screenshot 15

Be the first to guess which episode this screenshot came from and win a CP!

Code Lyoko Episode 7 Review

Code Lyoko Season 1 Episode 7: Image Problem In today’s episode, after an unusual devirtualization, Yumi is acting really strangely. It’s very suspicious, but the guys can’t seem to catch on fast enough... For the seventh episode of this show, I

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