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You're number one place to discuss and chat about country music star Luke Bryan.

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Golf Chat UK

A free forum for golfers to talk about the latest golfing news and their own golfing achievements. UK based but welcoming to golfers from around the world

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Whats wrong with luke

I read,that Luke's illness won't be his liver and that Geary says Luke isn't an alcoholic. Was wondering if anyone thinks Luke has cancer or hepatitis or if this is something that cassadines are behind? Maybe they aren't all dead,and Helena's curse is

1980 Bespin Luke Figure valuations

Hi everyone, I'm looking for a little advice - I've been donated all of my brothers old toys to sell to fund a gift for my baby. With them were some of his old Star Wars figures. I'm looking to sell asap and will take for them whatever they sell

Re Luke Hoth & Luke X-Wing

Hi all Was wondering if anyone knew or had even put together a list of what VSW was available for these 2 characters in both MOC or Loose ? Are there any links you could give to any limelights that have been posted anywhere for these 2 characters

Luke Jedi Dark Cloaks!

Hi guys, Below are pics of a Hong Kong Luke Jedi with a cloak which is much darker than I have seen before (I also included a comparison shot with a normal cloak). It seems that the dye also left some stains on Luke's face. I think this is just

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