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Guinea Pig Haven is a free forum for all those who are fans of guinea pigs! We are pro rescue and actively raise funds for guineas in rescue. We also love to chat about any thing guinea!

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My local animal shelter needs funds for Toby's knees surgery - can you help?

Hi All, Worcester Animal Rescue Centre, the one we've got our Mambo from, is looking for some financial help to fund Toby's - one of its Staffies - knees surgery. Below is the message I copied from their website A little

Funds Raised 2010/2011

Amazing final total of £1,437.68 has been raised in the year from February to February. We are in the process of deciding who gets what and will update with how the money was raised and paid out shortly. A massive thank you to all our members who

Lowered Prices! Come and get them!

We have lowered the prices on some of our corals! All of our acros! Our chalices! Our seriatoporas! Our Montiporas! And More!!!!!   Check them out at [url][/url] Local pickup available contact us at

2010/2011 Funds raised and where it went

Brought Forward £63.12 Donations (including walks) £542.24 Fleabay Sales to end Feb £533.50 Raffle £61.00 BH Comp £10.00 Bear Oct £19.00 Bear Dec £23.00 Quiz Night £7.50 Christmas Photo £37.00 Auction

Debit Card reserved Funds not charged

HI All: I used my bank or america card and bought my tickets. My bank statement shows the fair price "reserved" waiting for final amount from merchant. How long until Ryan Air puts the charge through? Anyone else hads this and have an idea? Many thanks

Marathon runner funds

I think this is an amazing story. The amount raised so far is over a million pounds now, thats great for the samaritans. I'm sure Claire would have been thrilled by that.:

Want a challenge? Maybe raise some funds for charity? You’ve come to the right place!

Okay, they are not ‘overlanding’ in the true sense of the word, but foreign events such Landy Rally Euro 4x4 Charity Drive or the more recent Help For Heroes 4x4 European Challenge Rally (the event that was inspired by Landy Rally), can be really good fun

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