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Knight Realm

Play as a Cosmic Knight, Black Knight, White Knight, Solar Knight, Lunar Knight, Rouge, or Mage in this Fantasy RP!

#knight, #realm, #play, #cosmic, #black, #white, #solar, #lunar, #rouge, #mage, #this, #fantasy

Free forum : Sonic Boom RPG

Free forum : A Roleplaying Forum for Sonic the Hedgehog!

#sonic, #boom, #roleplaying, #forum, #world, #shadow, #knuckles, #tails, #rouge, #robotnik, #eggman, #hedgehog!

Warrior Cats RPG: The Outcast Warriors

The Outcast Warriors is a Warrior Cats RPG set in a future 100 years after The Darkest Hour - only Firestar lost against Scourge and the Clans were driven out of the Forest! This site is about you and your warriors, You will control how you hunt and

#warrior, #cats, #warriors, #erin, #hunter, #scourge, #outcast, #free, #online, #longstorm, #loki, #dayst

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Rouge D. Tabby

Name: Rouge D. Tabby Age: 18 Bounty: 10,000- Species: Human Occupation: Swordswoman Allegiance: Bare Fist Pirates Home Village/Ocean: Grand Line Appearance: Tabby is a young, tall girl with a slender yet athletic build, short mess

The brawler rouge

-Human form picture here -Weapon form picture here Theme Song: Name: Gray, Bevolutteur

Loner Rouge Pack/group

Hi all! I have been given permission to open a small loner group/pack. I want to know who wants to join. I'm starting it at five or six. rankings: Alpha(s): (F) Dea Beta(s): Delta(s): Healer(s): It needs a wolf for Beta, Delta, healer,

Raphael Le Rouge Weapon Addition WIP

This is a Weapon addition. The new weapon description will be colored differently. Have you see the OVA or read the manga series of Hellsing? If so how far have you gotten? If not please direct your attention to YouTube, and watch OVA 1-4 at least.

Fairy Tail: New Dragonslayers - Rouge and Sting

I'm just curious to who thinks those two will be epic or already epic. Honestly I think they're gonna end up teaming up with Gajeel and Natsu, somewhere in that story. And Rouge and Sting seems like the 7 years in the future version of the two. It's going

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