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Nocturnal Illusion - Estiah

"A world of love, loneliness, and despair, where the desolate forever roam. " Nocturnal Illusion, an Estiah guild where strangers meet and slowly get to know each other.

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Forum Icons To Close To Forum Title & Description

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Choice of what parts of forum to show forum widgets

I propose that we have the ability to only show the widgets on the index or all pages. As well as placing them on the top and bottom of the index or other pages.

Wolf Life forum banners!

Hey guys! I made some Wolf Life forum banners you can put in your other forum signatures. You can use these for free, no credit

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I have several questions on customizing my forum,.. just like the one on this paid forumotion website... forum version: punbb here is the link Code: on the forum above, there are several features on his forum,

Sri Lanka Equity Forum - Member Ranking System

Please find below the Rankings given to members based on number posts submitted by each member. Further there is a voting system in which all members are entitled to vote in respect of each Topic and Posts submitted by a member which will be indicated as

Forum Netiquette

Netiquette The 'feel' of a computer forum is somewhere between spoken and written language in its formality. Writing styles tend to be informal, without excessive worry about typing errors or minor lapses in grammar. Despite the limitations of the

Protection Paladin Loneliness [ACCEPTED]

CHARACTER INFORMATION SECTION: 1.MAIN CHARACTER NAME: Loneliness 2.LEVEL: 80 3.CLASS: Paladin 4.RACE: Human 5.MAIN SPEC: Protection (used for

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