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INSIDE Christina's World

For those that saved Christina Perasso can come and discuss current clues or reminisce about the LOLz, the Trolls and the Noobs

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2Sec2Win - Runescape Flipping, Merching, and Staker-Buyout Clan

2Sec2Win is the ONLY 2007 Runescape Investment clan. We GUARANTEE 5-7% Profits / Day. Come Join FC: 2sec2win!

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Free forum : PivotDudes

Free forum : the awesomeness pivot forum lolz. Free forum : PivotDudes

#free, #pivotdudes

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Peterson Tankard

Okay gents long time no BoB. I want a new pipe. Nothing too fancy or expensive just a new pipe, I feel after the year I've had a new pipe would be a nice treat. I've been looking at the Peterson Tankards for a bit now and I really like the shape. Anyone

Smoking Fez...

Ok, So a few years ago I was at one of the NY pipe shows in Newark and saw a fella wearing a smoking fez.I asked where he got it and he said there was a woman in England making them for around $50- and selling them on e-bay. I checked the next day but

Smokin Holsters Ultimate Bag

I've admired the Smokin Holsters bags, particuarly after handling one in person at the Richmond Show. But, they were priced far out of my budget. This week, someone had an "Ultimate" six pipe bag and I was able to get it at a very reasonable

What are you smokin?

Just thought I would start one of these for us who smoke cigars or both pipes and cigars. Good morning all. Started the morning with a cabaguan petite and right now I am smoking a Don Pepin black label(cuban classic) robusto both with starbuck's

What do you carry?

I was just browsing through a online store's pipe accessory section, and I came across a number of tobacco pouches. It occurred to me that as I usually smoke at home, I didn't have a good solution for if I do want to go out for the day and take some

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