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Bob's TDM Gmod server

Bob's TDM Gmod server

bob's, #gmod, serve, garry's

Impulse Gaming

Welcome to Impulse Gaming where we bring gaming to whole new level; Come and play on our new Dark RP server on GMOD.

#gmod, impulse, gaming, darkrp, server


This is a friendly gmod community

thedarkestrp, this, friendly, #gmod, community

Tigress Gaming

Relaunched Forums | Official Forums

tigress, gaming, darkrp, #gmod

Miracle Gmod

Miracle is made up of 2 Garry's Mod servers with a friendly and active community which we want you to be a part of.

#gmod, garry's, miracle, deathrun, server, with, friendly, active, community, which, want, part

Miscellaneous Gaming darkrp

This forums is for the darkrp server miscellaneous gaming on gmod

miscellaneous, gaming, darkrp, this, forums, server, #gmod

Byte Gaming

ByteGaming Garry's Mod or GMOD gaming forum for a community.

bytegaming, community, garry's, #gmod, gaming, forum

Gmod - City Life Roleplay

CityLife-Roleplay: We are a new community founded in August 2013, we are currently developing a extremely customised version of the gamemode DarkRP, it will be renamed CityLifeRP. It will be the best of the best of gamemodes.Custom Jobs, Custom EVERY

#gmod, city, life, roleplay, community, founded, august, 2013, currently, developing, extremely, customised, version, gamemode, darkrp, will, renamed, cityliferp

Unity Gaming

A serious Half Life 2 Roleplay community based in Garry's Mod.

unity, gaming, hl2rp, #gmod, roleplay, life, community, based, garry's

Free forum : ExplosiveRP

Free forum : Gaming Server At Its Finest

free, forum, explosiverp, gaming, server, #gmod, happy, staff, application

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