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PTA - Pokemon ticklers anonymous

A place for everyone who likes tickling Pokemon.

#pokemon, #pikachu, #charmander, #tickle, #tickling, #tickled, #tickles, #ticklish, #mewtwo, #paws, #furry, #cartoon

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My many charectors (cutestpikachuever)

char. 1 name: Sparky (male)species: pikachumoves: volt tackle, thunderbolt, thunder, iron tailappearence: a pikachu with a team rocket collor, a cut up tail, evil like eyes, and blue electricity crackling from his cheeks.ticklish spots:

Mai-HiME Pachinko! OMG! It tickles Natsuki!

As Wikipedia describes it:Pachinko is a Japanese gaming device used for amusement and gambling. Midori-sama translated the description of the video, it's a prototype for a Mai HiME pachinko machine. Says they're doing trial and error and are tryin

Repotting the Hawthorn Raft

This Hawthorn raft is probably the tree that most people in the bonsai world know me by, I collected the tree way back in 1991 and after establishing in a box for 4 years the tree has only been re-potted 3 times.In this repot, the angle of the tree wa

Story: The Smiling Man

First story attempt. Critique as you like. Will add more as I think of it.Prologue: Odd LeavetakingThe man stood on the huge dryad's palm, looking up at her pleasant face. The massive tree-woman was huge, at least a hundred feet tall from the root

Squirrel Warband WIP

Well, it's still a WIP, there is no pirate mod, no fluff, no spell or equipment list and no special skill list, yet, but I thought I already share so you can give some input;)Squirrel WarbandMaximum warband size: 40Starting XP: Chief Knucker 8


Hey there everybody ^^ I am excited to join, and I love to RP. I am a huge ticklee though, so I'm always willing to be tickled : )Here are my characters.Name: BruceSpecies: UrsaringAge: 23Ticklish spots: Feet, armpits, belly, sides,

Saraswatichandra Written Update 06/05

WRITTEN UPDATEKumari opens the door stealthily and walks out of the door, Kumud who is following Kumari is very puzzled , opens the door and looks on..Kumari has only one idea to meet the boy friend , She neither looks to right or left and

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