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Locked Hearts

We are a fun rpg with multiple animals to choose from :)

#locked, #hearts, #with, #multiple, #animals, #choose, #from

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Why is almost everything LOCKED?

For instance, I was looking through the topic of Music in the Hidden Passage. I couldn't post anything, I couldn't reply to anything. Same goes for the Movies and TV topic, and so on. Why is this? I'm curious.

A piece of parchment tacked up

The Forest Watchers are looking for Rangers and Scouts, hardy individuals of the wilderness, to join our ranks. We are a vital part of defending and guarding the natural world in the Dales, whether it be a forest or a glade, a cave or a meadow. We are

Locked Away

Why are the beasts caged, while monsters run the world? Every one of them more monstrous than the last, and yet I’m branded as the freak. Unable to express myself, unable to be myself, all that is and ever will be me remains behind closed doors. Real

The Glacial [Locked] - Onyx, Diamond, Quartz

Upon stepping on the sealing array, Cyrus Taki, Aquamarine and Garnet would emerge in a different part of the world perhaps as the wind was blowing and they were stuck in the middle of a tundra enviroment. The air was bitterly cold and what made it worse

Sydne Dennell's Life Locked in a Puzzle Box

Name: Sydne Dennell Gender: Female Age: 19 Birthday: 15, April, 816 Sexuality: Straight, but opened to being bi if she finds the right gal Special Characteristics: Sydne has a few small bite marks on her arms from trying to tame some of her beast. Sh

Locked past

ooc:Hope this makes a good long post, I'm working on writing longer posts now for this site, MC, and yours byant-kun. :3 bic:It's been another quiet but calm night tonight as Mellina has recovered from back then with Lu and was alright again. She was i

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