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Me and Llama's forum

me and llama ONLY where me and her can chat roleplay and such

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Philippine Exotic Pets

Exotic Pet Owners Community. Where we gather pet owners to share with their knowledge and care. Trade and sell pets for a new beginning.

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I found the only Llama farm within 3 counties while driving to my dance class. Little sign on the side of the road, LLAMA MANURE FOR SALE. I got most of my truck bed filled for $35. Llamamomma, can I put a bucket full in each 4x4 now for planting in

Why did the Llama cross the M25?

Llama Park - Ashdown Forest

I thought I would give myself a little birthday treat, so today I took the day off work and went to the Llama Park in Ashdown Forest. This is simply an amazing place that has over 100 Llama and Alpacas and also a wonderful herd of Reindeer. I had never

Pictures from llama momma

Midday wilting of both fourteen ft. long atlantic giant pumpkin vines in extreme heat. Isn't that the saddest looking thing? Central Ohio had 25 days above 90 degrees so far and still counting.... Same 2 vines reborn by 8 p.m. the same day, just

The llama cheer

Happy llama sad llama stupid llama super llama kissey llama drama llama big fat mama llama And i am skystar and there is a potato in my bathtub this was a dare

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