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Live bait ledger rig ???

ive got abit of confusion about this ive copied the rig exactly from (fox guide to pike) what i dont understand is if your using rear drop offs whats stopping the live bait from running and pulling out of the rear drop off and do u fish it with open bail

Perch livebait rig

perch livebait rig needed the best possible dose anyone know a good one to use with float roving bait or paternostered live bait must have good hooking properties

Sunday Night Car Meet (Rancho Cucamonga)

Via sccm member Jodi. Car meet. 9:30pm Everyone welcome just respect the meet. Every Sunday. 12449 Foothill Blvd Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91739 View Larger Map Click here to load map on phone Rule’s: NO BURNOUTS! NO

Rancho Cucamonga area driving group

We are putting together a group for people that love to drive their cars, from Ortega Highway to GMR. Want to get a regular group going at least once a month. If anyone is interested let me know, we have a good group of everything from EVO's and Scions to

Livebait bucket

Having a clear out Purpose made live bait bucket with inner bucket and pump (batteries needed) 15litre capacity Ideal prawns sandeel etc £15 pm with contact number

livebait rigs

traditionally i have always used two trebbles for my livebait traces- 1 in the dorsal area and 1 in the pectoral area. after looking ata lot of livebait rigs for sea fishing i am thinking that 1 single hooked through the lip and a trebble on the flank

Wanted small livebait bucket

want a small livebait thingy just to hold 3 small perch for short sessions or when i might have to run because adie refused to hold the livebait bucket last time we got caught poaching so i am legging it next time ? as small as poss if anyone knows

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