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In Desperate Need of Perfect IV in all stats Ditto

Update: Looking for Brave, Gentile, Hasty, Lax, Lonely, Mild, Naive, Naughty, Quiet, Rash, Relaxed, Sassy, Serious perfect iv Ditto. I want the Serious one the most.


My friend suggested the title xD Anyways, I'm Sassy, the Delcatty. Tickling? HUGE fetish. Especially with Pokemon xD Thats how I ended up here. Here is a bio, fear it (or read it, if you dare xD): Name: Sassy Gender: Female Age:16 Species:

Faolan the Zorua [Orre/Phenac]

Image- Name- Faolan (River Gift) Gender- Male Level- 23 Moves- Fury Swipes Shadow Ball (TM) Faint Attack Dark Pulse (Egg Move) Ability- Illusion Nature- Sassy Characteristics- A little quick tempered National Dex No./Species-

Selina the Mienshao || Fortree, Hoenn

Name; Selina Gender; Female Age; Adult – Late Twenties Level; Level 54 Moves; Drain Punch, Jump Kick, Bounce, Acrobatics (TM) Ability; Regenerator Nature; Sassy Characteristics; Thoroughly Cunning National Dex No./Species; #620 Mienshao

Pokemon Natures

Natures that accelerate the growth of Attack: Adamant (Special Attack rises slower), Brave (Speed rises slower), Lonely (Defense rises slower) and Naughty (Special Defense rises slower) Natures that accelerate the growth of Special Attack: Modest

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