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Mac and Felicia's reaction to Levi

Since she is a little flaky herself, I can see Felicia liking him a little bit maybe. But I can imagine Mac thinking, "Wow after years of dealing with goofy Spinelli, now Maxie is involved with this earth loving doofus"! "My step

Levi Vs Kirito

Guys Who do you prefer? Levi or Kirito? ._.

[SnK's Levi and Petra] His Wings

Title: His Wings Genre: Angst, Romance Summary: AoT Timeframe; What will happen if Levi saw Petra alive in the last minute? (c)primarily for Kyun Editing Team -- Steel grey eyes, showing his deep hatred to the beasts they call Titans, silently

[Levi x Reader] It all started with a Scarf

Title: It all Started with a Scarf Type: Reader insert fanfiction; One-shot Genre: Romance Warning: Too much cursing. Being Heichou you know. Notes: This is totally inspired by zephyros22 from deviantart and her Retrieve the Scarf and After the Scarf

Event Crack Bang Boom - Report

Report Hello Friends of The Dark Empire. This topic is to post the first report and photos of the first event of The Dark Empire - Dhatomir Temple Location: City of Rosario, Argentina Date: From August 1 to August 4 Event Name: Crack Bang Boom

Primo Levi

My hero: Primo Levi by Siddhartha Mukherjee 'If chemists can write like that, God help the writers' Siddhartha Mukherjee, Friday 2 December 2011 22.55 GMT Primo Levi: makes his artistry vanish. Photograph: Martin Argles/The

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