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BR England

BlackOut Rugbys English Community

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English @ CHLEF. TEACHERS of ENGLISH. Chlef Teachers and Learners get ready for 2014 BEM

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Free Bass guitar Lessons!

Free Bass Lessons from Dmanlamius and others!

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Free caricature lesson on internet

I have an interest in learning how to draw caricature sketches and cartoons. I was browsing on the internet and came across this site that will help me when I lay out a face for a sketch. It gives an idea of how far apart the features should normally be

Lesson 1: Broomsticks Part 1

To begin the flying classes, we will start with a simple theory class. (Flying classes will be a mixture of theory and practical!) Before you can even contemplate flying, you will need to have your own broomstick. This class will cover some of the

- Hagrid's Lesson Plans for Sphinx

The class whispered to each other as they watched the sub approach them with a long list of parchment. "Class, your teacher left me specific instructions to what we are going to learn today - gather around please, we are going to go into the

Discussion Lesson 1: Broomsticks

This discussion runs alongside the first flying lesson on broomsticks. This is a discussion upon what you think are the best and worst brooms around. Discuss with your classmates in detail the different types of broom, covering more than the first

Spoiler 'Aastha to teach a lesson to Shlok'

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