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A Forum for people interested in all Wild Animals from the Big Cats, Leopards, Cheetahs, Elephants and Rhinos of Africa. The Tigers and Wild Life of India. Plus all Wild Life from around the World and their conservation.

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Snow Leopards - The Big Give

You may wish to donate or just watch the video. littlewid-x-

My leopards (Z. situla)

Here's my two beauties, they're currently in hibernation, hopefully they'll produce some nice babies this year 1.0 2007 0.1 2006 both together before separate hibernation

Cheetah mum and cub Mara North Conservancy June 2012

After all the depressing news on the Cheetah Chatter thread, I thought I would post some pics of HAPPY cheetahs seen on my recent visit to the Mara. Setting out on our morning drive after over night rain, we decided to head in the direction of the Mara

Amur Leopards

Heroes for a Living Planet - Amur Leopard from WWF UK Only around 35 Amur Leopards remain, making them the most endangered big cat on the planet. Learn more about what WWF is doing to protect the Amur Leopard, with the commitment of frontline

Masai Mara - September 2011 - Leopards

I bet you all thought I would start with elephants!! Hehe!! Nope, I've decided to go for Leopards instead. We nearly saw a leopard on our first day ... i say nearly ... I counted 20 cars so I asked our driver to leave. It was just wrong!! Second time w

Captive breeding

A contentious subject I'm sure,but three cubs born for one of the worlds most endangered big cats made me feel good Two of them having a rough(very rough at times) and tumble,my favourite cat along with the Tiger.

Snow Leopards

In December 2000 only six months old snow leopard cub Dshamilja was rescued from the illegal traders in Kyrgyzstan. She had been injured by poachers, which left her with a lifelong limp. She had been kept for two months in an extremely small cage, when sh

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