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Lemmy's bits are going

well Lemmy is booked in for the 17th to be neutered. Bless the wee man.

Lemmy's a bit off today

he is looking rather sorry for himself. didnt eat his breakfast and very reluctantly went for a quick walk. i think the heat the last few days has not been good for him. he is in the living room at the moment the coolest room in the house with a fan

Lemmy's operation update(updated)

just had a call from the vets. lemmy is in recovery and doing fine. we can go get him at half 2. just changing his bedding and getting things ready for him. need to go to the shop for some eggs for his tea he can have a bit of scrambled egg.

Lemmy lost his patience

well we were having a lovely day for Lemmy's birthday today then my nephew came. he's 22 so not worried about him. Lottie did her usual barking all the time for the first few minutes but Lemmy lost his rag and got fed up of her barking so decided he

Lemmy's sore foot

Pete and Matthew took the dogs up for a walk in the woods before tea today and all seemed fine they said. they werent off lead and charging around just a nice long walk. i noticed lemmy's right back leg was funny as if he was trying to stretch it but

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