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After the comment made in the Sacred Warrior thread about bands getting back together but not actually doing any 'new' albums. What bands are there? 1 - Whitecross. Did an excellent job in their album 1987 but the new album has just never

Lemmy, Reverend, Nashville Pussy and more

Lemmy singing, Jimbo PLAYING GUITAR and The Rev PLAYING BASS!!!!!!!!! AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

Crystavox, ReinXeed & 'D' Tribute reviews at Angelic Warlord

Hello, I have been doing a lot of updates to Angelic Warlord lately, including reviews of latest releases from Crystavox ("The 20 Year Mix") and ReinXeed ("Majestic") in addition to the Deliverance tribute CD "Temporary

Billy Mays, the Oxy Clean spokesman gone at age 50

This has been a surreal time, with Michael Jackson and Farrah Fawcett both gone on the same day. Now Billy Mays has died. He was the guy who did the ads for Oxy Clean, and was co-host of the show Pitchmen. He was found dead in his home by his wife, and he

Crystavox News

"Hey all, in the near future, the guys in Vox will be having some new songs on the website I am not sure if it also means a new album in the near future too or just some new songs on the website that can possibly be

Slim Jim, Danny, Lemmy????????

Sorry I posted this on the wrong thread: Hi All What do you all think of The Headcat with Slim Jim,Danny,Lemmy??? I saw the DVD the other day Live at The Cat Club. Bloody BRILLIANT!!! Besides the Stray Cats I think this is the best trio Jim has

Crystavox news

Roxx is releasing a remastered version the first cd with a DVD. Clink on the link below for more.

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