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D Style Blade Liger

phew.. finally found a companion for my death saurer... totally din clear any seamlines at all.. :p pardon the noob handpaint on the 'screws', i really sucks big time at handpainting..

HMM Liger Zero Schneider

Hi all, Just finish this oob Liger, really a super pita kit to do. A lot of parts, and some parts need to glue or cement to prevent from falling off. But its a very nice and detail kit overall, really love it. Also doing this kit as a well

HMM Liger Zero Jager

hey guys, my first ever zoid kit. i have to say... comparing zoids to gunpla the plastic is somewhat softer and more brittle compared to bandai.. while assembling this together after painting it i have broken a few parts, but all salvagable so its still

Liger zero jager

hey guys.. been a while since i posted here. usually dont post WIPs, but will do so for this build thanks to a bro here. haha anyway, my first zoids build. my goal is to do an OOB build, with a slight change on color scheme. going for a

[Zoids] HMM Liger Zero Panzer - Completed

My apologies for not having proper lighting and light tent. A very fun and nice kit to build, except for the sanding portion(too many parts!).... Thanks for viewing

Ni_smo: Another Zoid Liger Zero build

seeing everyone else posting their Zoid build, tot i also join in with mi noob Zoids toys. funny thing is i dun have any alone photo for e Zero, onli tis group pix edit. managed to find some before photo for it. anyway, some random wip photos....

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