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Insulin Resistance Supplements.

I'm now looking into Insulin Resistance and the on-set of Diabetes as the primary cause of my health problems. It seems logical that this could be the problem as both my relatives who lost their hair at the same time as I did had been diagnosed with Type

What Really Causes Insulin Resistance Exposed!

Insulin is our friend when working properly. The role of insulin is to transport carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals into body tissues like the bones or muscles. But when insulin cannot enter these tissues it flows back to the liver where bad

Hyperpigmentation and Insulin Resistance

I recently went to my dermatologist and asked him to identify a darkened patch of skin around my neck/throat region which I've had for the last four years. He told me it was hyperpigmentation and there was nothing that could really be done about it, but

Increasing Insulin Sensitivty

Hey IH or anyone who throws in input, Is there anyway to increase insulin sensitivity WITHOUT lowering blood sugar? So far it looks like Glutamine is on my list... Thanks!

Insulin Index of Foods

Caustic, What is your thought on fasting glucose in the 90 - 95 mg/dl range? Any tips on how to get that back to the normal 75 - 85 range? I'm a 27 year old male that generally eats pretty 'healthy'. I found this paper on the insulin index of foods,

(Video) Dr attia on insulin resistance

Interesting video on YouTube:

Niacinamide & Insulin

Hey IH, At what dose of Niacinamide does the body start to secrete more insulin? I notice this is a treatment for Type 1 diabetics who don't want to use insulin, but they never list a dosage. I'm using Niacinamide right now to help clear Acetaldhyde,

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