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A few pics of D polylepis

Hi. a few pics i took of my young female. Thanks

Acanthophis pyrrhus

Hi, I think today is my Australian Elapidae Day somehow... Can someone confirm ID of this one? Best regards, Hendrik

Scientific papers - Naja

BLAYLOCK , R.S., A.R. LICHTMANN & P.D. POTGIETER (1985) Clinical manifestation of Cape cobra (Naja nivea) bites. S Afr Med J 1985; 68:

A few elapids left for sale.

2.3 dendroaspis polylepis all from tanzania ranging from 4ft-8.5 foot in length 1.1 naja nigricollis cb adults about 6 foot long female possibly gravid 1.1 oxyuranus scutellatus canni cb adults 1.2 oxyuranus scutellatus canni cb babies 2000 for the

African Cichlid Lecture by Ad Konings- 4/11/10 at 7:30PM

I saw this online and thought it was interesting I'm thinking of going [color=red]The Greater Seattle Aquarium Society (GSAS) is pleased to sponsor a free lecture on Lake Tanganyika sand-dwelling cichlids by Ad Konings, author and producer of over 3

Acanthophis Sp , Scalation Diagrams.

I did not realised that Acanthophis sp were so very different to each other , Very interesting. A.antarcticus A.praelongus A.wellsi A.pyrrhus

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