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CardBreak Duel Academy

Join CardBreak Duel Academy now! Get ready for some competitive dueling as well as long lasting memories!

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10/30/2011 Here's a great story in Parade Magazine: A must read..

Long lasting silver body paint for ballet recital? HELP!

I have been asked to paint the cowardly lion, scarecrow and tin man for my friend's dance company's recital in a few weeks in exchange for a free full page ad in their program (w00t!) It's great practice for me since it's only 3 kids and I get a free

What do you think is a cool Yu-Gi-Oh monster?

What Yu-Gi-Oh monster do you think is cool? Is is strong, weak, good-looking, or really good in your deck?

Longest lasting Face Paint

Hey all, for those of you who have tried many different face paints, which ones lasted the longest? I use Snazaroo and it seems to last pretty good, until the kids hit a bounce house or water something or other. Not sure if any of the other paints wea

Just Some Clone

Ok so this being my first topic as a guild member, I would like to present a cool clone I have made with cut up stickers! Front Back The helmet Now I do need a name for this guy so, C&C appreciated. EDIT: Name:CC-1038-Kaminari. Thanks

Do you think you can have long lasting friendships online??

I think you can,i have some really nice good online friends!!

Poem: Lasting Hope (sequel to New Age Spirituality)

Satan is a defeated foe although he continues to fight - For we are more than conquerors, as soldiers in God's army of Light. His earthly authority has been weakened since Christ now possesses the keys of Death and Hell; so we're to prayerfully

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