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QED or fully modded gp3500?

Hi All,Just like to know which detector is better the QED or a fully modded gp3500?Iam after the best detector but not one that breaks the bank like a gpx4500.I am after extreme depth and ultra sentivitiy.Also light weightness and easy to

Looking at downgrading to a gp3500

Hi all after unsuccessful try's at detecting with the 4500 iam thinking of reverting back to the trusty do the 3500 go with mono coils cheers tim

Is it worth upgrading to a gpx4500 from a gp3500?

Hi All, The time has come to me to think about my options. This time next week i would have paid off my gp3500 detector. the question is: is it worth up grading to a gpx4500. i know its a steep learing curve but i would like the added

GP3500 - To modify or not?

Hi all im trying to decide if i should have my 3500 moded cant aford a 4500 so i guess i might as well give it a go.I have been detecting for about 20 months and feel like i might be up against it with older technology just wondering if anybody could pas

GP3500 Settings?

Hi All, Like to know what the best settings for a gp3500 are? Hope to have a gp3500 this time next week fingers crossed. Cheers, Tim

gp3500 settings?, like to know more

Hi All,Like to know if sensitive deep is better then running in normal normal.This is for a gp3500.Cheers,Tim Eureka

gp3500 verdit

hi does anyone have a gp3500 if so are they a good machine and in your verdit are they under rated

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