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Getting sleeved in Canberra ... 17 days to go

Hi all I have just joined the forum as will be getting my sleeve done on 24th March by Dr Mosse in Canberra. I had decided on the band but after my appointment with Mr Mosse and some more thought and research I am opting for the sleeve. I think I am

Dieting to save hair

I'm having a hard time coming up with different meals that are filling and don't cross the boarders of being bad for your hair. For breakfast I usually have eggs and fruit For lunch I have a turkey sandwich on sourdough And dinner varies. Just

OT: The ethics of the exclusion diet, ie the Paleolithic Diet, on a worldwide scale

While reading a bit about the Paleolithic Diet, which is where my diet is currently heading, I noticed this tiny afterthought in the diet's Wikipedia article. I'll quote it so you don't have to follow links: The Paleolithic diet has been criticized on

Why are people living longer despite diet?

Someone posed this question to me and I didn't have the answer. They asked me if people were eating more unhealthy than ever and 'modern' medicine was so bad for health, why do people live so much longer today than they did years ago? Anybody?


Just a quick question - How many Cruskits do you fit in? I've been having 2 but I'm wondering if that is too much =/ Thanks, Gretchen.

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