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Lieutenant Colonel Frederick William Edward Forestier Walker

Family Vault, Bushey, Hertfordshire, England

Neah Walker (Done)

Spoiler:PersonaName: Neah WalkerGender: MaleAge: 15Birthday: December 25thSexuality: StraightSpecial Characteristics: a few scars )see general appearance description)Personality: Neah is a kind and caring personality. He is also very

Lieut-General Sir F. Forerstier Walker

Looking for any information on Lieut-General Sir F. Forerstier Walker mainly his part during the AZW. I need to know when he was born, when he died and if possible (1879Graves !!!!) A photo of his grave,Any help with this information will be truly

Briana Walker

BRIANA AMBER WALKER2-3 Hours • Moderate16 • X-Student  FULL NAME: Briana Amber WalkerALIAS: WhisperBIRTHDAY: August 13thYEAR: 1997COUNTRY OF ORIGIN: USASEXUALITY: StraightPLAY BY: Amanda SeyfriedHAIR: BlondeEYE COLOR:

Randal William Johnson Walker

[i]" Randal William Johnston Walker was the eldest son of James Walker and was born on December 27th, 1847. He would thus have been 17 years old when the Walker family arrived in 1864 to make their future in the Colony of Natal. And what a life he wa

Courtney Walker

Name~CourtneyAge~15Eye Color~BlueHair Color~Brown ,ShortShirt~orange top with hoodShorts~blue low cut shortsWrist~Braclets,clear with red blue white stars,red skinny one,blue skinny one.Personality~cool ,cute ,loves to

Captain Henry Walker. the commodore of the Cunard fleet.

"Captain Henry Walker. the commodore of the Cunard fleet, has commanded the Campania since 1895. He will celebrate his fiftieth year of service in seamanship next year. He was in the Indian transport service during the Indian mutiny, and the Chinese

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