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Nate Diaz talks shit to Kurt Pellegrino as he walks by

lol, it's like walking by somebody you don't like back in high school and you call them a fag or vice versa. Plus Nate is probably going back to 155

Nate Marquardt wants to move down to Welterweight And make a run at the title. Even if GSP is still champ. What is happening to Greg Jackson's camp?

Nate Jones - Wake Forest Deamon Deacons

Nate is a former PHS standout who is battling his former teamate Mike Montville in the ACC for the Deamon Deacons. Nate's Player Profile (with interview video): 2011

Fred Kroner/Nate Jozsa Did anyone see this article? Just curious what you guys thought of Kroner putting this "letter" to a high school kid in the paper.

Nate Campbell planning to move back down to Lightweight

Former unified lightweight champion Nate Campbell has completed a rigorous rehabilitation program to correct a condition known as Piriformis Syndrome. The condition caused pinching of the sciatic nerve, which severely limited Campbell’s movement in recent

Sad day, nate the rock Quarry has retired. Kind of suxs. I know he wasnt a contender for the title or any thing but i loved the guys attitude and his work ethic and a very fun fighter to watch. good luck to you nate!!!

Ceasar Gracie on Nate Diaz: "He'll fight anybody, he's fought everybody"

Quote:Nate will fight anybody. He’s fought everybody. They throw people at him and he’s 155/170. The guy is a fighter’s fighter at this point though it’s time to start to think about your legacy a little bit. I kind of agree with Dana. I think he

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