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The Hoghton Players: Forum

Free forum : The Hoghton Players, a Lancashire's Premiere Drama Group!

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Rochdale Talk

Free forum : Community forum for anyone who lives or works in or has an interest in Rochdale, Heywood, Castleton or Middleton.

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Free forum : Bulldog Bikers

Free forum : Just a small group of bikers who are up for ride outs / weekends away

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Looking for club in lancashire

hi i an looking for a engine club to join that does insurance for stationary engine only problem is wwould find it hard to attend club mettings as i have to take my medication at 6 pm and cant drive after that i would wellcome any info. regards andy.

The Wisdom of Morgan Freeman

Just shared this on Facebook; thought I would share it with you guys, too. Makes sense to me. TURN OFF THE NEWS....... Morgan Freeman's brilliant take on what happened yesterday : "You want to know why. This may sound cynical, but here's

Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett star in 'Olympus Has Fallen' (Photos) Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Angela Bassett star in 'Olympus Has Fallen' (Photos) In the action thriller “Olympus Has Fallen,” the White House is

Lancashire Hotpot

I would like to make a Lancashire hotpot - the one with crispy potatoes on the top. Just attempted one which has been cooking (covered)at 180 for 2 hours. The lamb pieces are still very chewy and the potatoes on top are extremely brittle. What went

Lancashire Hot Pot

Ingredients: Ask your butcher to dice the lamb meat, and also ask FOR THE BONES! so about 800GM of lamb. Diced lamb 800GM Lamb bones Plain flour Some lamb stock or veg stock, or chicken One onion Oil to fry...I use sunflower (healthy) 2 Bay

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