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Free forum : Covert Affairs RP

Free forum : A place to have a covert affairs based rp. Will you be the next operative to save america or are you plotting the down fall of the US.

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Mw2 kriss super v with red dot and silencer

im still adding sounds but u dunno who made this skin so if you know who made the kriss vectorplease tell me now in this thread!!the original of this vector is with out sleeves and red dot and silencerthis is the super v NOTE THIS SKIN


New to the 8Ball server. Titan Trees Kriss-X trackThis is still a wip, but far enough along that we can test this on Thursday NightThis a FULL THROTTLE BATHURST GEARS .7 KM of undulating race track3 level intersections, Feedback and

Project Jedi

what? why?let me answer both. Looking back, i can remember being on the ab forums when the Salvo was coming out. I remember the " ooh i hope it has this,.." or "Man i hope they fix that"the same with the carver,.. only with less hype.So i

[A] Gnomeregan Covert Ops (Now Recruiting)

BackgroundWhen the dust settled and clouds of radiation dispersed over the battlefields of Gnomeregan and it became clear that victory had not been so absolute, the Gnomish race was faced with the yet still long road towards reclaiming their sovereign

MW2 "Just Like Old Times" Kriss-Vector smg

So this was one of the requests and here it is /file/p9vbouk-/MW2_Just_like_old_times-Kriss.htmlScreenshotp.s sorry for the hand rigging,didn't got time to do it but i will 'till then use this oneHope you like it

Convert rfactor to gtr2 problem

Hello everyone I am new to this forumare beginning let me ask you a question about converting a car rfactor gtr2I tell you what I have already extracted the file mas sis and I ended up with the file gmt, dds ...then with 3dsimed I was able to

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