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Free forum : Our Paddy Heights Crib

Free forum : This forum was designed for Azza, Shane-o, Dickie and Curt to share ideas and suggestions for pimping up our new home.

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Black krim or Tula ? For the tomato gurus

This is my first year growing black krim. Or, at least what I think may be black krim (I'm slowly weaning my garden into heirlooms for seed saving). Anyhow, to try and make a long story short, my better half went to the nursery to get three plants,

Rant! Lowes - Curt response when picking up EMT Conduit

(This is a rant - leaving names out on purpose) Anyone ever have the following happen to them at Lowes? I purchased some 3/4" EMT conduit, 10 pieces of 10 ' and 8 of 5'. I took it to the Plumbing section where I asked for it to be cut. As I did no

Black Krim Tomatoes - how many squares?

I've started some black krim tomatoes from seed, and I'm planning to put one plant in my SFG this year. (I'm starting off small, and I've got a lot of tomato varieties to try out!). I'm wondering how many squares I need to dedicate to it. The package

My Black Krims are Brandywines?!?

So the only tomato plant in my garden I didn't raise from seed was from my local greenhouse (which is a good greenhouse), a black krim. I didn't find the seeds online until late and didn't want to pay shipping on one pack of seeds. But now that the frui

Curt 20k Slider

My 5th wheel slider feels loose. When I first had it installed by the dealer in April it had some movement to it as I think it should have, especially in the king pin plate area. But now when I grab the slider release bar the bar rattles all over and

Newbie in Las Vegas, year 1!

So I started with just the idea of raised beds (non-SFG). I bought a bunch of 16x8x8 cinder blocks, and built my beds: They were 40"x40"x16", with the plan being to go to 24" deep. And yeah, five of them. First time gardener, I was gonna tackle five

SFG is "Back in Black"

This years garden will be "Back in Black". black Turtle Beans black radish Spanish heirloom black hokkaido watermelon black knight carrot black pearl cherry tomato black cornflower black pearl pepper black peony poppy Can you think of

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