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konohamaru and his jutsus

I was wondering about something, is It possible that naruto taught konohamaru more than the rasengan. I mean we only found out that konohamaru  learned the jutsu in the pain ark when he had a flash back of naruto teaching him it. is it possible that he

MG Unicorn Ver. Ka.

I found this kit I assembled a long time ago, and I thought I might rebuild it and make it better by :-> cleaning nub marks (I was very bad at dealing with nubs, so there were many stress marks and scratches. I'll try to make them look better by

Hinata and Hanabi

How do you think Hinata's relationship with her little sister would have gone like? We've seen a lot of guess-work in fanfictions that involve the two.Based on what we've seen of Hanabi in Hinata's flashbacks, her appearance in the final test of the

[VIDEO] Naruto OVA 9: A Chunin Exam of Flames! Naruto vs Konohamaru!! (SUB ENG)

The latest Naruto OVA has been released, This time it takes part in the sand waste land where Gaara is the Kazekage. Konohamaru, Moegi and Udon are a three-man team who are being chased down by a large bug. At the last possible moment, Konohamaru tries t

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