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Free forum : Local meeting place for Island of Jersey Detectorists and Historians

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Free forum : Detecting-England

Free forum : Metal detecting forum. Organise digs. Finds ID. Coin ID. Artefact Id. Quizzes. Detecting help.

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Whites detectors

G'Day all I am interested in purchasing a Whites TDI Pro or Whites GMT. I would appreciate it if anybody could tell me a bit about them or even better is there a field test report anywhere. I went out a few weeks ago (for the first time) with a mat

Whites detectors

A mate of mine 25 years ago found hundreds of ounces with a whites 6000 di. detector. I know many people now who use the latest Whites detector for coin and relic hunting, and they find lots. Whites is no doubt the best coin and relic detector on the

Goanna Gold - NSW

Gday I recently had the pleasure of dealing with Bob and Judy Buss of Goanna Gold Detectors in Greta NSW, and decided that I would put their contact information on here, they are honest and genuinely interested in making sure that their customers are

Next generation detectors

Hi all, I read with a smile of people worried about when the next detector will b released. If I was in the market for a new detector then I would still buy a 5000. The real cost difference will only be a few grams of gold in reality. The next

Diy detectors any one built one

hi all my son and i are thinking of building a beach detector we are very handy with the tools and have a very well stocked shed with tools and hardware of all sorts so were thinking of sm pro pi kit silver dog pi kit or the sniffer xr-71 kit

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