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SusaHumor Forum - to discuss the humour of Susan Boyle

A forum for those who want to celebrate the humour of Susan Boyle, and have some fun in a relaxed forum environment!

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Free forum : Susan Boyle Fan Site

Free forum : Susan Boyle Fan Site. Large membership

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Happy 50th Birthday, Susan Boyle!!!

A very happy birthday to you Susan, from your humor loving fans! Always keep your spirit and your sass alive and burning brightly to illuminate an often humorless world. We here at SusaHumor are fans of your "Holy Shit!" as well as your

What WE would like Susan to sing!

I've heard that the execs at the record company have asked the old dears what they think Susan should sing on her next CD. Given that they probably last bought a record in about 1950, I think they're the last people they should have asked! Anyway, I

Susan's Image

Whether or not we like it or not, Sony has presented an image of Susan. That image is an entertainer whose appeal is to a conservative and family audience. This is called branding in the industry. Recently, even Susan acknowledged this in an interview.

Dear Susan: Wear more PURPLE!

Dear Susan, Highly unlikely you'll ever be surfing your way into reading this, but if you do, or if someone who knows you does, I'd like to suggest that you WEAR MORE PURPLE. This is not only because we are rather partial to the color purple on this

Good New Article and Interview With Susan

Nice to have a new article and several new responses from Susan to back up what we have known all along: Susan does not visit Twitter---AND Susan rarely gets online. Wonder if that will quell the oft-reported fantasy that Susan is a frequent visitor o

Susan says hi to all...

It was my pleasure to meet Susan in Rome yesterday, she says hi to all... Tonnie_Rocca Rome Italy

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