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TBS's drawings, further ones coming

This is where I am going to put my drawings and pixel art. This is where the cool stuff happens. You can ask me to draw ANYTHING, as long as it follows the rules. ANYTHING.

Klak's Question

Where else to put this? One of the characters will have a vision of the future if F-Klak gets his way. Can you guys describe what would be the ideal death/fate of your characters? Think dystopian future. Oh, and appearance descriptions are

Debate topic

Rules will be pretty lax here, all the basic rules apply. No (unless in extreme surcemstance) post editing or deleting. Want to tell me what I can't do, huh? ~Shroom New rules include: Godwin's law (don't mention Nazism) and respect freedom of

Character themes.

This is where Character themes are. Have fuuun.

The spawn of pure evil (Shroom's drawing topic)

First image is a very unattractive creature found in the seas of the southern hemisphere of Subnixus. Mainly in hotter areas. These alcohol-based monsters can grow to the size of a submarine.

Google joins the idiocy

An advert which I saw on the forum reads: 'Make Google Your Homepage: Find What You're Looking For With Google Search' Anyone spot the obvious mistake? They didn't.

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