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Community for real life vampires and other beings of darkness.

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Sethian Vampires ?

Hi, I am confused, I keep seeing people saying that the Sethians are Vampires. Having read the Asetian Bible I see no evidence of this. In fact I see at least one implication of the opposite. "The otherkin are out there, many times living in peace

Bubbles of Delusion - from David Loy (sweeping zen and shambhala sunspace)

This was posted last year, but I don't think I shared it with this forum.  I like the term - "bubbles of delusion" and I think David has some good insights about this dynamic.  Worth reading.  And this is why, even if a group like the OBC/Shasta creates

Latest Zen "Scandal" and let's rethink the "master" story......

This was just posted on the Tricycle Blog site. They gave me permission to re-post it here. James Shaheen, the editor of Tricycle, told me about this today. Genpo Merzel Disrobes From Tricycle Magazine's Blog: 07 Feb 2011 Denni

What does being a vampyre entails?

Hello everyone, as I said I am new to these topics so I have basic questions. My first question is: What does being a Vampyre entails? My second question is: What are the benifits of being one? Physically and psychically. Thank you for taking time to

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