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20th Century Pottery, Glass, Art & Collectables

Discuss, research and identify 20th Century pottery, glass, fine art, lighting, furniture, and decorative arts.

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My phallus

Ive seen your pathetic little piece and i raise you 60cm plus As Fonzie might say Kev `Sit on it´

Beautiful Green Bay-Keramik Planter Questions

I would love to learn more about this piece. Age? Rarety? Approximate value? Markings on the bottom are Bay-Keramik W-Germany 44 22. Measures 8" high and 9" wide. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Alforan keramik?

I see we have no thread of Alforan keramik. Is it a manufacturer or a retailer? BTW, form number 2/11

Bay Keramik

Mod note: Established by Eduard Bay in 1933 Bay Keramik produced a vast range of pottery. Key designer: Bodo Mans.


Planter form number 740/16. Thanks, Bas :pig:

Could this vase be Dumler & Breiden or U-Keramik 507/14


Multicolor "bubbles" vase marked Ke..? Keramik

Hello, This is my first time posting on the forum, though I've been lurking occasionally for awhile. (Hopefully, I've done all the right steps - but please let me know if anything is not kosher. Also, yes, these are our images.) I was wondering if

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