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Kamiki Aya (24 years old) is known for her liquid, powerful vocals and roots in pop rock and punk music. 2006 were the year of her revelation thanks to her 2nd single Pierrot and her first full album

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I just wonder ??

I just accidentally found that maya has a bicuspid tongue?? And that during the #BKKGGS I found that maya has followed someone other than himself(MADMAYA). It's Denda Mao. Is she suppose to be his girlfriend??

[Entrevista] "Mr. Yo de este mes" de KERA! (Noviembre de 2011)

Créditos por la traducción japonés-inglés: @LMCtranslations -Edición Especial ‐ 1 ‐ LM.C maya- 「¡Es impresionante estar a la moda!」 LM.C, quienes se acercan al debut de su Quinto aniversario en Octubre de este año, lanzaron su Mejor album el

LM.C Interview Kera December Vol 148 (English)

Mr. Of This Month This time we infiltrated the PV shooting for LM.C’s new single “LET ME’ CRAZY!!” which will be released October 17th☆ There we observed a precious offshoot not usually seen! It’s the first single release for the commemoration o


This has appeared on some numty group or other. It concerns the revolting Thornton, the creature that has spewed out some of the most disgusting, obscene photoshopping and foul-mouthed ranting in this part of the internet. Its 'triumphs' included

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