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Nakama, not IchiRuki

Ichigo & Rukia: Friendship, not Romance

#bleach, #ichigo, #kurosaki, #rukia, #kuchiki, #anti-ichiruki, #tite, #kubo

Pirates of the Underground: Nakama's Hide out

Pirates of the Undergrounds : The sole purpose of this forum is to established a site were the members can create, discuss and collect various stuff about One Piece!

#pirates, #underground, #piece

The Bleach World RolePlay Forum

300 years have passed since the defeat of Aizen. New heroes rise up to take their place....and new villains lurk in the darkness.

#forum, #bleach, #roleplaying, #anime, #world, #roleplay, #fiction, #manga, #role, #playing, #ichigo, #aizen, #kenpachi

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[Bleach] Chapter 502 - Byakuya Kuchiki Dead?!: Zaraki Kenpachi Appears!!

Bleach 502 really shows what can happen when a captain goes down. From the Senbonzakura attack on Byakuya, he is nearly dead! Renji gets pissed out and starts fighting As Nodt. Rukia notices that Byakuya is nearly dead, she runs to her when she’s met by a

[Bleach] Zaraki Kenpachi vs Vandenreich Leader Prediction

do you agree that this will be the outcome of the battle?

Who is your favourite bleach character and why?

Preety simple thread just as the title sais, who is your favourite bleach character and why? I'll kick it off, my favourite bleach character is shunsui. This is simply becuase he is the epitome of awsome, so laid back and chilled but with a mad

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