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Kertoo Petz peliin liittyvästä Kennel Dynamicistä joka kasvattaa SM Am

Kertoo Petz peliin liittyvästä Kennel Dynamicistä joka kasvattaa SM Amstaffeja.

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The Foundation Of The Breed Forum

The Treeing Walker is one of the greatest coonhound breeds created. This site is created with a love for the breed and the history of the breed. Finley River, Spring Creek, Banjo, House Bloodlines.

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Winter squash recommendation

I've only grown Delicata winter squash before but this year I also planted some Sweet Dumpling & Honey Boat Delicata. I harvested the first Sweet Dumpling today for my lunch - YUMMY. It is small, but very meaty. I cut it in half, cleaned out the

Crossguns richie rich

Presented to our male and basis of my breeding,is one of the most important agreement affixes of the race,for me is proud to have a dog as Richie at home,in addition to its fantastic Jackie kills - a greeting , ¡

Kennel cough

Lilo has been coughing since we got her from the pet store i have been researching it quite a bit since it start, she is normally coughing in the morning and at night and sometimes randomly during the day. I have allready set up an appointment with the ve

Need eggplant recommendation

I tried Ping Tung last year, which is long and narrow. I planted 2 plants & they just weren't very productive. I want to try another variety this year, suggestions please.

Miracle Gro recommendation?

Hello. I'm reposting this from the welcome mat - not sure which place will be the best place for it. I'm ready to fill my box, and I have a soil question. My Lowes is having a killer sale on Miracle Gro Soil for Gardens - ending tomorrow. I know I ma

Kennel Cough :(

Hey, Just rescued a 2 year old male staffy from the Pound and he wasn't given the kennel cough vaccine before he was put in I have about 5 more days worth of anti biotics that i was given from the pound incase he developed Kennel Cough (which he did

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