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Brent Keith Smith

I like him!!!!Brent Keith Smith - "Can't Get Enough for Your Love"

Keith Moon

Who here thought that Keith Moon, was a very good, and a breakthrough drummer a ahead of his time type drummer ? I just want you guy's opinions, because I was sitting here thinking about his drumming. But anyway, what did you like about this cat ? Keit

Stray Cats - Drum Kit

Have you seen this before???? what is this about??? It comes from:

Keith Moon Foundation Keith Moon's life was far more troubled than I really understood. The forthcoming film featuring Mike Myers will probably be very heavy . . . You can learn more in this biographical

New interview: James Williamson: Stooge to Suit to Stooge

Good interview with James, which manages to (mostly) avoid asking the same old questions: Quote:I think that if you have to boil it down to one or two really big influences, I'd say maybe Keith Richards for his attitude and Jeff Beck for his guitar

The Most Expensive Drumset Ever

WORLD'S MOST EXPENSIVE DRUM KIT THE LONGEST LIST OF THE LONGEST STUFF AT THE LONGEST DOMAIN NAME AT LONG LAST What is the most expensive drum kit in the world? Many people have the passion to learn to play the drums and become a famous rock star.

Benefit concert - BR549´s sound engeneer Cowboy Keith

If you guys are in the Nashville area, write this down in your agenda: COWBOY KEITH BENEFIT @ THE 5 SPOT Sunday, March, 29 2009 Time: TBD Cowboy Keith was hit by a car on his scooter last month and suffered a broken arm and leg - he has no healt

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