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Kaze Tachinu - Le Vent se lève

Nous sommes allé voir en famille ce film samedi après-midi. (Attention, j'ai essayé de rester général au maximum mais il y a peut-être quelques petits spoilers...) J'ai du mal a rester objectif tant j'adore les films du Studio Ghibli en général. Par

Kaze Kaze no Mi

Name of Devil Fruit: Kaze Kaze No Mi Is the Devil Fruit Adopted? no If Adopted, who last owned the fruit? If Adopted, when was the last activity of the previous owner? Type of Devil Fruit: Logia Devil Fruit Appearance: It was pure white, and boxy

Kaze no Stigma Discussion

Kaze no Stigma When I picked this little title up at Best Buy for under $20, I didn't think it was gonna be that good. Turns out I was right; only it's not awful. Just generic. Kaze no Stigma tells the story of a handsome young man named

Opinions on Summer 2013 Anime?

Spoiler:  So...whatcha guys think about the lineup so far?(This list is most probably credible) (Bwahaha exact sentence Dannanyan said)

Kaze No Stigma

Has anyone else watched this Anime? It ended after Season 1 because it was being modeled off of the Manga, and sadly the Manga didn't finish either. The creator of it fell ill and died, and out of respect the Anime/Manga was discontinued. I made my

Feedback for Claus (Darth Kaze)

I have just received my package form Claus. A great guy! Very friendly! And Very Helpful! Claus was kind enough to answer all my questions and gave me a courtesy mail to let me know that my package was on its way. The Packing was job was excellent

Happy Birthday Darth Kaze

Happy Birthday, mate. Hope you have a wonderful time.

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