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Kaufman Family Discussion

Kaufman Family Discussion

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Manji Union Forum

The forum of the EMS-Union Manji

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Free forum : Strictly BBC Exiles

Free forum : Forum for those who used to post on the BBC Strictly Come Dancing boards

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I was listening to an old episode of The SF Squeecast and they referenced a poem by Carl Shapiro that is now one of my new favorites:Travelogue for ExilesLook and remember. Look upon this sky;Look deep and deep into the sea-clean air,The

Adam Kaufman Murder Trial (murder of Eleonora Kaufman - 11/7/07 - Aventura, FL)

Opening Statements Monday in Aventura Murder TrialDeveloper Adam Kaufman charged with murdering wife in 2007By Brian Hamacher and Ari OdzerNBC6 - Miami, FLMonday, May 14, 2012 | Updated 8:42 PM EDT View more videos at:

Developing Stories

There have been several requests to set up a Developing Stories thread. It was a very popular thread at The Hinky Meter and had a large number of hits each day.More importantly, it is a thread that many Hinksters brought many "developing stories" to

Was Lina Kaufman strangled? Or is her death a medical mystery?

Was Lina Kaufman strangled? Or is her death a medical mystery?Such an interesting

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