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I'm a little lost and confused..

I'm not really sure what God's plans for me are.I've been praying to know His will and to guide my life the way He wants but I haven't seen anything changing yet.I'm very lost and feel I'm not so close to God.I've been asking for a way to let me spread Hi

Oh boy now I'm really confused.

And it's because of this thread.../t250-yelladog-look-where-i-just-wentFirst of all, wild_thing starts the thread and the thread is a message to yelladawg.But then when yelladawg replies to wild_thing, the quotes he's replying to have Chrissy

Religion - Very confused

I am getting increasingly more confused about my religion and I feel the need to discuss it.I was brought up secular, but attended a Church of England school. I did all the 'churchy' things. But never really thought it was for me. When I was in my

Want to eat healthy - confused

Hello! I just stumbled onto this site through researching hair loss. I've been suffering from it for about 2 years now, and it all started after a very unhealthy period of my life, kick-started by a 3 month no-carb diet. I suffer from the usual mpb, but

Confused about church I'm in

Hi All, I'm new to this forum but I really need some support. It's a long story so I'm not sure if I can explain it all but I will try to. The church I am going to has a move of God in it. I feel His presence and I do get something every time I go

confused by a runner soulmate

Hi there everyone :) was wondering if any of you have any advice, any insight or whatever into my situation at all??Many years ago when i was 19 & a half I met a man who instantly made me feel at ease, a man who i felt the most comfortable with that i

So confused need God's direction and word for how to proceed

Thank you Mbstudent and Christa for your prayers concerning my situation.I will re-iterate my situation. I am in the middle of proceeding with divorce and a custody situation which is isn't amicable.I have had attacks happen to me in regards to the

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