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Magik Daze Waifs and Strays

A run down Bed & Breakfast in Blackpool

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Reporting strays

just wondering how many people report strays.i report every pigeon i get in as i have done tonite in total 6 ova the weekend.and i neva eva get mine reported makes me sick i no full well that my pigeons are some were.sometimes think not going to

Quite a few Yorkies been found as strays on Doglost...

in the found section, all in holding kennels... some beautiful yorkies there all seem to be strays.. same place that Happyhilary rehomed one from when i last posted about yorkie being on there.. Such a shame, they are in these

strays at unc

heres aup to date list of strays at hartlepool unc head quarters BOR132 BOR1593 BOR1028 WAN1386 WAN2661 TN5139 TN587 TN4699 TN3496 MT2265 MT3329 HOU4334 HOU3469 SUN834 SS104 HET1553 HET1987 HET2511 HET448 HET89 SHOT2096 SHOT2635 TV2336 TV4107 TV3382

Lucy - Cuddly Cross Breed - Norfolk

Lucy is a delightful, neutered little crossbreed. Approx 1 – 2 years old and very friendly. Lucy walks nicely on the lead and seems to be ok with other dogs. Rescued from a stray pound and now looking for her forever home. For more info on Lucy, pleas

Found a stray husky...

Hi guys, well I am and have always been an avid dog lover but I did not love all breeds equally... I am definitely a large dog person, and as far as I'm concerned, it doesn't get much better than a Doberman. I currently have a doberman that I am

Jaunty Jago - Samoyed x GSD (London)

Jago is a rather handsome Samoyed x German Shepherd boy who is currently in an Oldies Club foster home in south east London. He’s 13 years old, but is still very fit and in good health. History: Jago has lived in the same home all his life and been ver

Don't feed strays

I never am able to follow this rule. So we now have another hang about cat. She i think is about to explode kittens (mine are not the daddies!) or she is just really really fat. Keeps stealing my poor darlings food and eating the lot, twice as much as min

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